As a long time lover of French food, student of history and a dedicated traveler, I had a need to share my experiences and create my own little piece of the pie! A strong characteristic of a culture is defined by what is on the table and so I had little trouble connecting my two passions!

We designed the interior of our space with the charming pâtisseries of Paris in mind and it evolved from there! The Bella Beach community where we’ve made our home, offers a quaint cozy corner that was just perfect! Surrounded by forest and a few blocks from the beach, this was the exact atmosphere we needed to bring our vision to life.



We also promote the arts by using our wall space as an “open” gallery for local talent to be displayed in addition to offering a variety of classic literature for leisurely reading. It’s common to bump into one or more of our artists who frequent the cafĂ©, so stop by for a treat and stay for some great conversation!

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